Volunteer - Be a Band Booster

What makes a band successful?
It is the parents and guardians of the band students.  We even have some volunteer parents and guardians of band students that have recently and not so recently graduated MHS.  It takes a lot of volunteers to keep a 160+ member band running smoothly.

These unsung heros work tirelessly behind the scenes to help make the bands and color guard the best they can be.  They take on the organizing and execution of tasks to free up the band directors to dedicate their time to the students.  Without your help, our bands would not be able to perform at the level they do.

What can I do?
We can use you for one day or all season.  You can be a chaparone at away football games and competitions, keep the uniforms looking their best, work in concessions for home games, get band equipment moved for games and competitions, let the press know of upcoming events.  Check out the Standing Committees page for volunteer areas.  It may not include everything as different needs arrise during the year.  You can email the committee chair or volunteer@mooresvillebands.com .  Please note you must be a band booster member in order to volunteer.
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Become a Band Booster!

What do the Boosters do?
The Boosters meet monthly to go over old business and discuss new business.  During these meetings you get information from the Band Directors for important upcoming events.  The meetings are also used to organize committees and vote on any important issues that come up.  Boosters can volunteer to help the band (see What can I do? above).  Only members with a student currently enrolled in the band program or color guard can hold an elected position or chair a committee.

When do the Boosters meet?
The Booster meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month except June and December in the MHS Band Room at 7pm.  There may be other months, usually in the spring, when there is no meeting.

Who can be a Band Booster?
Anyone can be a band booster.  The annual fee is just $5 to become a booster. Only booster members are allowed to vote, work concessions, chaperone or serve on a committee.  Preference is given to parents/guardians of band students.  Members of the community that want to be a band booster are welcome to serve on any committee. 

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