Standing Committees

For more information or to volunteer for a committee, click the committee name to send an email to the chairperson.

Please note - email links will be added once the chairperson has been determined.

The uniform committee assists the band director in the issuance, maintenance, and acquisition of all necessary uniforms.  The volunteers responsibilities include but not limited to: fitting and altering any uniforms prior to the first performance.  They are responsible for handing out gloves and plumes to band students and to help make any necessary adjustments to uniforms at games or competitions.  They are responsible for putting the uniforms in the corresponding bag to be loaded onto the bus.

This committee aids the Band Director(s) in advertising all band project activities and functions in all media available and shall assist the Corresponding Secretary with correspondence to members of the organization via the booster website.

The Financial Committee - consists of the Executive Board with the Vice President as chair, shall aid the Band Director(s) in the preparation of the annual budget.  The Financial Committee can approve any expenditure up to $300.00 for non-budgeted items.

This committee aids the Band Director(s) in securing chaperones for all off-campus band activities and in acquiring information concerning transportation, motel accommodations, and other such pertinent details relating to band trips.

Pit Crew/Equipment
This committee aids the Band Director(s) and pit students in moving large instruments and equipment to and from band locations and events.  Number of people needed: 5-8 per event; 2-3 pickup truck drivers to pull trailer.

​Blue Devil Classic
​This committee, along with the band directors and the booster membership, plan, organize, and host the annual Blue Devil Classic Marching Band Contest on the third Saturday of October each year.

This committee plans, organizes, and operates concession projects at Coach Joe Popp Stadium events scheduled by the committee.

This committee aids the Band Director(s) in the planning and preparing the social activities of the band and band boosters including band camp director meals and band meals.

This committee aids the Band Director(s) in conducting membership drives.